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Dieppe: Ross Munro’s eyewitness report

For eight raging hours, under intense Nazi fire from dawn into a sweltering afternoon, I watched Canadian troops fight the blazing, bloody battle of Dieppe. So began Ross Munro’s epic account of the Allies’ first significant action on the Continent since the evacuation from Dunkirk more than two years earlier. Dieppe would in time become notorious, a debacle that helped

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‘Nuts!’: Gen. Anthony McAuliffe’s legendary Bastogne rebuff

When retired Gen. Anthony C. McAuliffe died in 1975, both the headline and the first sentence of his New York Times obituary prominently featured perhaps the most famous one-word sentence in United States history: “Nuts!” The fact that McAuliffe rated a lengthy news obituary in the paper of record was attributable mostly to that single word, typed at his direction

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