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A very different Washington Post

Sometime after V-J Day, the War Department produced a list of correspondents who had received official acknowledgement for covering various theaters of the war. The list runs 13 typewritten pages and by my count includes the names of 837 reporters and photographers. Exactly one of them, Edward T. Folliard, worked for The Washington Post. It’s a mind-boggling notion for someone

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Henry T. Waskow and the Ernie Pyle tribute that made him famous

By the end of 1943, Ernie Pyle’s dispatches had become the indispensable lens through which Americans on the home front viewed their war. Though he was twice as old as many of the men whose toils he chronicled, Pyle’s humble, in-the-trenches approach endeared him to four-stars and grunts alike. All it took was a glance at a couple of his

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